Month: March 2018

How to Select the Best Bedside Lamps for Reading

If you love to read in bed, you know how important it is to have a high-quality reading lamp near the bed. Otherwise, you can quickly wind up with severe eyestrain, headaches, and other health issues and reading becomes not nearly as fun or relaxing. If you need to purchase a lamp for your bedroom, keep the following things in mind as you shop.

Flexible Neck

If possible, you’ll want a reading lamp with a flexible neck to put near the bed. This allows you to adjust the neck of the lamp so that you can bring the light as close as you can to the reading material and clearly light what you’re trying to read. This will help keep your eyes safe and allow you to read as long as you’d like. More at

Type of Bulbs

Pay attention to the type of bulbs that the lamps that you’re interested in take, because some light bulbs are very expensive to replace. You’ll want to make sure that the bulbs that you’re using are affordable to use, so that you’ll replace them as often as necessary and use the lamp reliably.

Type of Switch

Be sure that the type of switch on the lamp is one that you can easily reach from your reading position in bed. If it’s not comfortable to reach the switch, it’s likely that you won’t turn the lamp on and off for reading as frequently as you should, and you’ll risk doing damage to your eyes.

Either choose a lamp that attaches to the headboard of your bed so that you can definitely reach the switch from the bed, or opt for placing the lamp near enough to the bed that you can easily turn it on and off while reading.

Brightness Level

Be sure that you select a lamp that has an appropriate brightness level for reading. It doesn’t do any good to choose a lamp that you really like the looks of, only to find out later that it doesn’t take bright enough bulbs for you to actually read by. Be sure that you’re getting something that has both beauty and function so that you can be pleased with the results of your purchase for a long time to come.

Smart Home Capability

If you’ve bought any smart home devices, you may also want to select a bedside lamp that will connect to them, or that is capable of taking light bulbs that will connect to them.

This allows you to control the lamp from anywhere in the room that you’d like, so that you can relax and enjoy your home. Read in bed, then calmly let your smart home’s AI program turn off the lights for you, instead of needing to worry about getting up or struggling to reach the light switch.

These items are getting less expensive and more popular, so it simply makes good sense to ensure that new purchases you make for your home can hook up to them correctly. More at

How To Get The Best Bluetooth Light Bulb

Would you like to get a Bluetooth lightbulb that you can use at your home? These are very unique items, things that you should do many unique things with, even if you are operating them from your smart phone. If you have never purchase one before, they are very easy to use.

You simply screw the men, and then you can control them with a remote control. This could be an app, or the controls that come with the label, that are very easy to use. Here is how you can find the best Bluetooth label that is currently available on the market today.

Where Should You Start Looking For Them?

You should start looking for them on the web. You could also go to your local store. There should be several different companies that are selling them. You can compare the prices that they are offering them for.

You can also look at the different types of styles that they have. They each will have their own capabilities. Also look at reviews on the web, specifically video reviews, where you can see them actually being used by people that I purchase them.

Why You Should Purchase Them On The Web

The reason that you need to purchase them on the Internet is that this is where you are going to get the best prices. If you are able to do the reviews online, you could simply click the order button.

You will then have these sent to your location in a very minimal amount of time. You may want to order more than one because you are planning some type of a party. They are actually great for parties because you can use them in different rooms.

You can change the lights to fit the mood for each song that is being played. They have many different capabilities, all of which have been reviewed on the web. You simply have to find one that will cater to your needs. More at

How Much Will They Cost?

The amount that they will cost will depend upon their capabilities and also the manufacturer that is producing them. You will likely find several that look promising, but you may have to stay within your budget.

If you need to order more than one, you will likely want to avoid the ones that are the highest cost. That way, you can get two or three of these, which will be perfect for whatever activity or festivity that you have plan.

Once they have arrived, you will want to test them out. You will plug them in right away. You will use the controls a come with them, or you will use the app that you can download from the web.

It will probably take you about 30 minutes to understand how to use all of the different settings. After you have used it a couple of times, you will be ready to use this for whatever party or gathering that you have which is why you are probably buying them. More at